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Mandala features interviews with health and wellness experts and bestselling authors by Kristen White on topics of meditation, healthy habits, nutrition, yoga, and personal development.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle."
In many cultures, a Mandala is used as a tool for meditation.

Season one of Mandala was filmed on location in Malibu, California.
Experts interviewed include Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, JJ Virgin, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., Pedram Shojai, Mallika Chopra, Yogi Cameron, and Betsy Chasse, among many other filmmakers, raw food experts, yoga trainers, and spiritual teachers.

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Each Episode Offers a Two-Minute Meditation With One of the Featured Experts on the Program.

Meditation is a proven and effective practice to reduce stress, build personal happiness, gain clarity, and develop insight. Every Mandala is unique. Each image is constructed of repetitive images in colorful and complex patterns. The program approaches the metaphor of the original Mandala form the aspect that we as individuals all have patterns in our lives. Do these patterns support our happiness and personal growth, or do these patters break us down and destroy our sense of well-being and vitality? Experts interviews on the program offer instruction on developing new patters, positive mindset, and healthy habits.


Kristen White, the host and executive producer of Mandala, is an award winning television journalist, author, spiritual teacher and a consultant for the health and wellness industry. Kristen White’s vision is that Mandala is the spearhead of the Transformational Television movement providing inspirational and instructional content through mainstream media outlets.

We live in a natural world where everything is interconnected. Like the patterns in a Mandala, the animals, flowers, trees, clouds, oceans and mankind are all linked in the elaborate beautiful design. The program Mandala explores the way we are all connected and invites our attention to the environment, conservation, women’s issues.

The Ancient Tradition of Meditation is Gaining Momentum in Modern Society as a Tool for Personal Development and a Healthy Lifestyle.

The practice of meditation often involves learning to focus on the breath and quieting the mind for a period of reflection. When added to life as a daily mindfulness practice, meditation can help individuals gain awareness, deepen their compassion, develop forgiveness and connect to their life purpose. In the program of Mandala many types of meditations are explored, including guided meditations, breath work and prayer. The program offers a small meditation experience with one of the guests in each episode.